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Oakley 花束

Oakley 花束

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奶茶色系的流沙玫瑰- Quicksand Rose,帶有淡淡自然香氣,浪漫的裸粉色調成為她的獨特之處,有別於經典鮮艷的紅玫瑰。 流沙玫瑰花束配多款藍色襯花,突顯玫瑰的柔和顏色,優雅不失格調。



35 x 45 cm
*except single small bouquet

Flower paper (attached with a heart card)

*Except single flower bouquet

Paper wrap with a note card

Ordering information

- It is recommended to order 3 days before the scheduled delivery date to ensure that the flower material closest to the picture is selected, including holidays and public holidays.
- For urgent orders, please contact our florist for arrangements. Our store reserves the charge for making and delivering urgent orders.
- If you want to change the content of the bouquet, please check with our florist first about the customized style, and the price of the bouquet may also be adjusted.
- If you need to change the order content or delivery date, please notify 72 hours before the scheduled delivery date, otherwise the order change will be ignored and delivered as scheduled.

- It is recommended to place your order 3 days before the delivery date, including holidays and public holidays, to ensure that the bouquet combination closest to the picture are adopted.
- For urgent orders, please kindly contact us to make special arrangements for you. We reserve the right to charge an additional fee for urgent orders.
- If you would like to change the bouquet content, please feel free to contact our florists for customization (price adjustment would be applied).
- Please make your order changes on the content or delivery date at least 72 hours before the scheduled delivery date, otherwise the original order will be delivered as scheduled.

deliver goods

- Daily delivery service hours are: 11:00-15:00 and 15:00-19:00, the bouquet will be delivered by express delivery.
- When ordering, please select the delivery date, time period, and address.
- If delivery at a specified time is required, we reserve the right to charge a delivery fee for the specified time.

- Daily delivery service hours: 11:00-15:00 and 15:00-19:00. The bouquets will be delivered by dedicated courier.
- Please select the delivery date, timeslot, and address when ordering.
- We reserve the right to charge an additional delivery fee for specific time delivery.


- The appreciation period of flowers is about 5-7 days, but the shelf life of flowers will be affected by factors such as environment, climate, and temperature.
- You can disassemble the bouquet packaging, remove the bottom water bag, trim the roots of the flowers at a 45-degree angle according to the height of the vase, insert the vase as you like, and fill in 1/3 of the water.
- Change the fresh water every day and soak the roots of the flowers in the water.
- Do not place the bouquet in a hot or bright environment.

- Our flowers can last up to 5-7 days. Flowers will be affected by environment, climate and temperature etc.
- Please unpack the bouquet and remove the water bag at the bottom. You may trim the root at a 45-degree angle according to the height of your vase. Place and arrange the flowers into the vase as you like and pour 1/3 of the water.
- Change fresh water daily and soak the roots in the water.
-Place the flowers in a cooler location without direct sunlight.

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