Collection: Graduation Bouquet

The most blooming sunflowers, let Maison Flowers prepare the graduation bouquet to greet this graduation season.
The Korean-style graduation bouquet is simple and exquisite. It brings happiness and blessings to everyone. It is suitable for male and female graduates.
Maison Flowers provides different bouquet series, suitable for different holidays such as birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, Mother's Day, graduation, etc., to send elegant bouquets to loved ones and friends.
Flower delivery services are available on the same day and on designated days, with free shipping. Welcome to contact us to use your favorite flower materials to create a unique flower gift.
Graduation Bouquet Delivery Arrangement! 
Due to the high volume of orders during graduation season , there will be no on-campus pickup available. However, we can arrange delivery to a specified address on the same day, or we suggest choosing delivery during the evening hours the day before the graduation ceremony. The bouquets come with a water bag attached to the bottom, ensuring quality and freshness the next day!